About Penned Madness

Excluding wars, general civil unrest and soon-to-be-ending ancient calendars...
It is a good time to be alive people.

Dance music is bigger than ever nowadays. New Producers and DJs are popping up all over the place. Dance Parties have become a staple of downtown scenes and weekly routines everywhere... All coming together to help create a more eclectic and richer musical experience.

But what if one day the parties stopped?

Dance Party analysts from Cambridge have predicted that in the next coming years people will "get over" dancing and will become "meh" in regards to DJs and remixes.

Here at Penned Madness, our aim is to keep the party going - to prevent such a dancefloor dystopia. We have assembled a crack team of up and coming DJs from all over the nation, dedicated to the task of bringing the good people of the dancefloor-be it club or bedroom-the jams they want to hear.

With a small contribution of viewing our website daily or signing up to our RSS feed, you too can help save the music and dancefloors all across this great land

"...And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" - Nietzsche

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