Monday, June 30, 2008

Fox News: What will you think up next?

Like a wacky sitcom that just gets wacky, here's another sound-byte gem from our friends at Fox News:

My, how insightful Fox. Yes, those two names do share similar sounds, I can see how you would get them confused... Good thing you also tried to explain your mistake by adding the part about "knocking off" them "both, if we could."

Yes, Fox tell us how you really feel...

Again, the Orange Terror Threat Level posed by black people existing in America is something we all should be concerned about.

"Always keeping the public informed on the world around them, That's the Fox News Difference!"

If you wish to sign a petition to try to stop Fox from using their national news organization as one of, not even basic partisan discussion, but veiled hate mongering...
Check this link out Moveon.Org, sign a petition to stop Fox News from...well, being Fox News.

And Just so this isn't a wasted post, here's something posted a few days ago that is just awesome...

and the samples fit with this post...

Fake Blood - Mars (Dave Nada Hood Mix) (zshare)

"You've been lied to, bamboozled, made a fool of...

This has got to stop."

-Manley, Himself

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