Friday, June 13, 2008

I fought the war but the war won't stop till we all make love in this club

Hi all! Phillip here, and before I make my introduction into the world of music blogging, I feel I should make this confession: I am a junkie for contemporary r&b radio. There, I said it. I'm not ashamed....lets move on, shall we?

By now you should be familiar with "love in this club" by Usher. The message is simple: Usher is in a club, and he wants to make love. He doesn't want to go home and make love, nor to a hotel, or even to his car; He wants to make love in this club. Plain and simple.

Now, if I had to pick one producer/dj duo that made me want to make love in a club, I would instantly pick mstrkrft, which is why it should come as no surprise that they produced a masterful remix of the Usher track which completely outshines the original in everyway. I dare say it's one of their best mixes to date. They even drop a sample of the reprise of layla by Dereck and the Dominos. How frickin cool is that?

Usher love in this club(Mstrkrft mix) zshare

Also, Check out this Mix they did of Monster Hospital by Metric, which takes a rockin tune and trans-mutates it into something utterly sublime(Respect to Manley for turning me on to this one)

Metric-Monster Hospital(Mstrkrft mix) zshare

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Manley © said...

Penned Madness, Oh we going overseas with this!!!!

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