Monday, June 16, 2008


It's the mid point of the year, hereabouts. Have any of you glanced behind us yet to see what's happened? I took just a peek to see if my summertime predictions from the spring have yet made a liar of me.

From here it seems: January was yesterday. Hundreds of dollars later on door tickets and gin/tonics at the disco, yet hundreds more on a handful of burgeoning EDM download services, and perhaps even hundreds more for miscellaneous parties in living rooms and backyards, it's the dead of summer. The year is half over and I, per my prediction, hate the music collection I so carefully assembled. That's easy enough to accept, as it happens a couple of times every year.

My most outstanding prediction was that the summer of 2kizzle8 would be a test of how well we could resist the onset of adulthood... it is not really so.

Adulthood catches you gently once it sees you barreling at it in full stride. I tried to smash its f-ing face in with a lowered shoulder, only to have it nonchalantly take a step out of my path and softly snare me in the crooks of its arms.

Now let me say that having one's future self set an example on grace does profound things.

The moral: I am adamantly certain the last truly good record I have bought was this year's inaugural music acquisition: Palermo Disco Machine's Shake Dat Shit EP. Everything else I have heard this year from the world of funk at large, with the exception of a handful of nice sounds by some of my friends, is failing to touch me in a way I can reciprocate. It French Touches me, which is just short of a French Kiss.

Palermo Disko Machine - Pump (original mix) (320Kbps Direct dl)
Buy this and the glorious a-side track at TurntableLab.

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