Wednesday, July 30, 2008


As I was stumbling today, I came across coverage of the San Diego Comic-Con that just ended on the 26th. After four days of geek inspired glory, Maximum PC came back with tons of footage of what has to be one of the biggest draws of any comic/pop culture related convention - The Cosplayers.

Cosplayers are the classic example of the proverbial double-edge sword, or maybe more so a "careful what you wish for" state of affairs. While we all would love to witness our favorite comic or gaming icon walking around IRL, after seeing a portly chap squeezed into a TRON suit, you may start to regret such desires. But that's not to say all is horrible in the world of Cosplaying, there are many up sides to fantasy character dress. Some are life lessons that anyone can employ in their everyday. I have gather some important lessons I have taken away from attending and witnessing Cons and Cosplayers throughout my years... Without further ado,


Where there's a will, there's a way.
With ten minutes, some sweatpants and a little gumption;
you too can join the Green Lantern Corps.
Make the Guardians proud son!

Nothing in life is ever certain
Female Links make me question a lot about myself.

Even with a wide array of choices in life,
somebody will always and actively seek out the worst choice.

One of 493 different choices, Sudowoodo is the Pokemon embodiment of suck.

Some people will associate with others they feel are inferior,
just to make themselves feel better.
Whether it's the ICP rejects or GIR that are the superior, that's for you you decide.

If you haven't seen someone in a long while, don't assume the worst about them
Example: Ricky Gervais is still working

Sometimes, you must accept when things have come to an end
The Killer Tomatoes weren't ever cool and thus, cannot be again.

Style, some people just have it
Dr. Girlfriend, Yes.
Cyberpunks and Pony-Tail dudes, No.

Question everything
Damn Spies be sappin' my cons!

Family is one of the most important things ever
I will love my kids even if they break continuity, future versions of them exist in the same timeline as me, they are rage-filled vengeful god forces or if they have tried to kill me and bed my wife... on several occasions.

Things have a way of coming around again.
Plastic Man is the hipster of the DC Universe.

Always make the best out of any situation
Charming Cajun Badass FAIL
Fazoli's Chicken Panini SUCCESS

If you are doing well, people will take notice and wish to take part.
And though they are dressed like some of your favorite characters and are in your house, they will still look down upon you for trying to talk to them.

Starscream is a creeper
Always looking to usurp Megatron and see your sister changing after a shower.

I will never be this awesome
Boba Fett is the man...


Go check out more pictures at Maximum PC Comic-Con Coverage Page...

And to see Cosplaying done RIGHT, go here

The Bulgarian Featuring Spoek - Jack It Like A Zombie (Santiago & Bushido Remix).mp3

OH SNAP! - I'm Too Fat To Be A Hipster (Mightyfools remix).mp3

- Manley, Himself


Lauren said...

This is awesome!

Chuck said...

That Boba Fett picture is probably the bet thing ever...

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