Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a digital massage: Bisou GTI, Digitalism's MoshiMoshiEP

I had a long and laborious day at work, and the following several things made me feel a lot better. How was your day at work? Class? Would you rather have dragged your genitals through five miles of gravel than endure your compound hangover there? Perhaps the things below will lift your spirits.

Are you familiar with the Play Collective? Neither am I. Their website is lacking content at the moment, but I'm very assured that I'll keep my eyes and ears perked for their rustling after seeing these showreels by their bretheren, Bisou GTI. They're an arrestingly talented combination of musicians, DJs, and motion designers who have created some pretty beautiful things so far. Dig those VHS cassette effects:

Bisou GTi live intro preview from elr°y on Vimeo.

PLAY Showreel suite from leneopen on Vimeo.

Looking at their DJ setlists seems to yield some pretty typical banger fare in my opinion... and their original tracks, while outstanding in production value and energy (their bangerhood, perpaps), are a bit tired stylistically... however I'm still very sold on them. It's because they effortlessly help you see how some well put together new-electro-odesseys can still be very charming and fresh in the right setting and sensory immersion. The video packages it into the perfect delivery... I think I'll just call it a day and repeatedly watch these until I have to work again tomorrow.

My day also became logarithmically better after remembering that Kitsune Tabloid 1 was released yesterday... A DJ set by the very respectable Digitalism. I'm so copping that with my next paycheck.

I've also got some very special things for you. After chasing it for weeks on ebay, I finally managed to capture a copy of Digitalism's recent Japan-only Moshi Moshi EP. It includes a couple of live tracks, some fixes of the standby tracks on last year's Idealism, and Shinichi Osawa's vocal remix of Pogo, which is similar to his fantastic dub remix which was all over the blogs a few months ago. Quite worth the effort, I would say.

It's TOO GOOD not to share, so here's some of the fire from it. But don't even think about playing these low-quality 128kbps files out at the club... I mustn't give away my weapons too easily. Although I think some 320kbps love should show up in a future post. Look forward to it!


DIGITALISM - The Pulse (Live Version)

DIGITALISM - Zdarlight/I Want I Want (Live mix)

Hope all y'all's day gets better. Mine's awesome now!


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