Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family Affair Monthly Getdown!

Hi kids,

I do hope you are familiar with the Family Affair party tonight. If you were, you'd probably know that Little Foot and PM's own DJ Mannes will be mixing for you.

Of course, you'd know that it's held at the Beta Bar, a place where magnificent things are promised to happen.

Perhaps you might even know that draft beer is free until midnight. This is paramount.

Though I have a feeling you might know about this already because you folks are 110% awesome.

Come have some fun with us!


Have a Shoes remix:

Just a Band - We Are... (The Shoes Remix) (320kbps direct dl)

- James


Anonymous said...

this happens now... omfgz

FamilyAffair owns.

James C said...

won't be the last time for new fav's here. keep ya head up!

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