Thursday, August 21, 2008

Devil Music featuring Quix and Elliot

Los Angeles' Quix has just come out with a new mixtape and has been gracious enough to give us at Penned Madness the head's up. The mix, entitled Devil Music, is the efforts of Quix himself and his producing cohort Elliot. These two have teamed up to bring something that all the kids will enjoy.

No shit, this is one of the best mixes I have heard in a good minute. Now some of the songs aren't the most topical, but I subscribe to the school of thought that a good mix doesn't need to be briming with every recent banger from the past 2 weeks to actually be good. A good mix needs to-and I know it sounds cliche but-tell a story... not just be filled with killer OONTZ OONTZ. Quix and Elliot both get gold stars for just that, for weaving such a stunning story and keeping my toes tapping for a solid 37 minutes.

Devil Music is skillfully blended and constructed in a way to properly appeal to damn near everyone; hip-hop heads, indie fucks, remix kids and even those oblivious to the awesome that is modern party music will get behind this mix.

Only people that hate fun and dancing will ignore this mix and fuck those people anyway right?

Remember that little town in Footloose, this would be the bane of their existence.

Be sure to check your copy of the mix below, and check out these boy's respective myspaces. And if you feel so inclined, Quix has a proper website (weird) as well,


1) california soul (mad decent remix) - marlena shaw
2) dont sweat the technique - eric b and rakim
3) crips - ratatat
4) mad again (mad decent remix) - south rakkas crew
5) rosa parks - outkast
6) it's the joint - funky four + 1
7) someone great - lcd soundsystem
8) heart it races (trizzy's rusty tin can remix) - architecture in helsinki
9) jam on it vs. smooth criminal (quix remix) - nucleus vs. michael jackson
10) snoop's acid drop - les visiteurs
11) touch the silence (quix remix) - busta rhymes vs. depeche mode
12) it takes two - rob base
13) starlight - muse
14) last night (instrumental) - p.diddy
15) bam bam (dj fashen remix) - sister nancy
16) bucky done gun - m.i.a.
17) in de ghetto - badyard club
18) put that pussy on me (diplo tonite remix) - spank rock
19) digital love - daft punk
20) embrace the martian - crookers
21) call me up (kill the noise remix) - chromeo
22) perculator - cajmere
23) pick em up - griff & booman
24) are you gonna go my way vs. gossip folks (quix remix) - missy elliott vs. lenny kravitz
25) werewolves of chessboxin (quix remix) - warren zevon vs. wu tang clan

QUIX VS ELLIOT - Devil Music (Direct Download)
QUIX VS ELLIOT - Devil Music (zshare)

P.S. The Warren Zevon vs. Wu-Tang blend at the end is just a day maker right there...

-Manley, Himself

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