Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hatchmatik of the Great White North

Oh Canada, you sure do love dance music don't you? Evident by how many killer DJs emerge from your snow white bosom every year, Canada is just one giant banger factory. Hatchmatik, of Montreal, is part of this latest export of awesome from our friends to the north. Part of the Peer Pressure crew, Hatchmatik has been making some waves on the scene other than just gaining Number #2 Club DJ in Montreal (source). In a huge cultural cauldron like Montreal, that cannot be an easy task, I'd like to be ranked anything in Montreal personally.

Now you may have heard or seen from Hatchmatik tracks posted by Discobelle sometime in mid July... Well, unfortunately, we are not Discobelle...yet. So it has taken me juuuust a bit longer to find out more about our man here. And we all know in the world of dance hits, a month or more is the difference between Whoomp! There It Is! and Whoomp! There It Is! (the Addams Family Values edition)... but rest assured folks, Hatchmatik here and his cuts can traverse that gap of "that was so June."

Hatchmatik - Burn It Down (Hatchmatiks Burn Down the Club Remix).mp3

MTO - Bring It On Now (Hatchmatik Remix).mp3

Thunderheist - Bubblegum (Hatchmatik Birdflu in June Remix).mp3

Adam Kesher - Local Girl (Hatchmatik Remix).mp3

-Manley, Himself

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