Monday, August 4, 2008

Tenderlions, anyone? Yes, it IS scrumptrilescent.

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Tenderlions ( brings a delicious, new vibe to remixes by adding on their own eclectic flair. This duo (John Bryars and Evan Atkinson) keeps you on your toes by taking something well-known, or simply recognizable, then ingeniously throwing in some heavy bass, chopping and screwing some of the lyrics, then tossing in some catchy discoesque riffs. The "Going Back To Cali" track is one of my personal favorites. It incorporates two of my favorite things: electro and Notorious B.I.G. Their take on Jay Z's "99 Problems" is definitely a close second.

Tenderlions - Going Back To Cali

Tenderlions - 99 Problems

And I love this one:

Tenderlions - Just One Kiss

- Andréa, better known as Steve Lurkel

1 comment:

Dañela Aviña said...

How can I download "Just One Kiss"?

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