Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily Dose Trois

Here are some sweet songs of the day. First off is a jumpy remix by Rico Tubbs. There are some great samples in this song as well as great excuses to move your booty. Mr. Gaspar surprised me with an unexpected remix of E-40! Gaspar just reinvented your typical rap song. What a smart guy. You definitely want to download that Teenagers remix. It makes me wonder why I have not heard more from Twins Rough. Finally, I can't forget the photo credit: Kate Moss on Pedestrian TV.

Lady Waks and Hardy Hard ft. Afrika Bamatta- Shake It (Rico Tubbs Remix)

E-40- Turf Drop (MR. GASPAR Remix)

Baby Diamonds- Alaskan Thunderfuck

Obi Blanche- Jesus (Downtown Remix)

The Teenagers- Make it Happen (Twins Rough Remix)



mady said...

Good evening from Leonidio. Greece. Nice to watch your blog.

Melrose said...


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