Sunday, September 14, 2008

GlowTape! Premier Tomorrow!

Aww man I can't even tell you how flipping excited I am for tomorrow! Well if you didn't know I have a weekly two hour radio show on Digitally Imported Radio. And on tomorrows show (4pm Est) I am premiering my two hour mix that I did under my new side project name GlowTape!
You do not want to miss it! It's an intergalactic time warped dance mix!

But, if you do miss it, be sure to check back here tomorrow for a Penned Madness EXCLUSIVE link to it!

In the mean time here is one of my mash up's that has been played in Florida to New York, to around the world and by dj's everywhere!

Crooks & Gunn vs. Busta Rhymes - Psycho Gimme Some Mo' (DC Needs Medication Mashup)

- DC/GlowTape!


Mark Starr said...

Too bad you fail to mention the tune that should go before it ;)

Mark Starr said...


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