Friday, September 19, 2008


hi, i'm james and i'm addicted to bass.

i spend most of my time listening to music with basslines 30 meters thick while driving 180km/h along the south italian coastline in my red lamborghini countach. often with sunglasses, and especially at sunset.

usually i'm on my way to the supermodel hardbody party at my mansion . . . you know, the one with the marble dancefloor under a special glass ceiling which filters plain moonlight into a kaleidoscopic beat-synched color array.

I also enjoy designer drugs so expensive that i had to sell two of my boeing 727 jets from my personal fleet so my guests can feel as awesome as i'm going to feel when that bass starts getting serious and the dancefloor feels like the ocean and my body becomes an electrified neon laserbullwhip and everyone's giving me the sexy eye and i'm giving everyone the sexy eye and i'm just like, yeeeeeah.

Wolfgang Gartner - Sesso Buono (Original Mix) 320kbps
Wolfgang Gartner's prog house opus.

Cybersutra - TJR's I Hate My Day Job Remix 320kbps
Familiarize yourself with the monster at around 3:30.

Sawtooth Sucka - Letting Go (Original Mix) 320kbps
As heard on the recent Trouble & Bass Crew mix. Also known as Lee Mortimer. See Melrose's relevant earlier post to become more candid with this bass-heavy electro house animal from heaven.

TJR - Atomic (Original Mix) 320kbps
TJR would have been a golfer if he hadn't discovered bass. True story.

- James

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Anonymous said...

p0st m0Re bAss!!!

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