Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mustard Pimp's Oh La La Satan Remixed by Stereoheroes!!!!

It's no secret that I have a weakness for Fidgetcore. This song is wicked and explosive. The remix you see hear is done by Stereoheroes. You can find "Oh La La Satan" on Crux Da House on October 7th.

Check out Mustard Pimp's new original, Zombie Revenge, on their myspace:

Above, is a promotional picture for Stereoheroes, the brilliant minds that made this remix. Let us hope they will forgive me for spelling their name wrong the first time I made this post.

Mustard Pimp-Oh La La Satan(Stereoheroes Remix)



Phillip said...

Dude, I was seriously just about to post this track...synchronicity wtf

Anonymous said...

Hard to understand your post, we will help you :)

Oh La La Satan will be released on Crux Da House on October 7th.
You will be able to buy the original and many remixes from

The remix featured in this post is a Stereoheroes remix ripped on myspace I suppose, so of a bad quality, sorry for that but the label won't let us give for free some material we are supposed to sell.

The original is from Mustard Pimp (

We are Stereoheroes, yeah yeah you should try to check your spelling when you rip a track dude !

And we have nothing to do with Zombie Revenge which is the new original from Mustard Pimp (without a S at the end, spelling again)

Thanks for your support though.

Melrose said...

Ha I just got owwwnnned! Ya, my spelling is bad. I blame Microsoft Word for always fixing my misspelled words for me. I will certainly make the proper changes to this post. Thank you Stereoheroes.

Anonymous said...

yeaah this is now a good post !

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