Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trumpet Madness For Your Thursday

Heard this tune recently and I knew it was too good to not post here on PM! Today's tune comes from rising German producer SIS. This trumpet filled monster of a tune has recently been supported by big name jocks, some include Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. With NO digital release at the moment, or a date for one, this tune remains highly sought after by many. Even if you spin funky house or techno, this epic brass filled tune is sure to set fire to your set as well as any dance floor you drop it on! Epic!

SIS - Trompeta (Original Mix)

- Mark Starr


Lazaro Casanova said...

yessss been looking for trompeta. will play this out in puerto rico tonight.

i noticed the we run FL album art. you from florida?

Manley © said...

Yes sir, all of us...

an all Florida run blog community.

Lazaro Casanova said...

nice! good to know there's others in florida onto good music.

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