Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wild Card Wednesdays!

Starting right now, I am going to create a tradition on Wednesdays. Wild Card Wednesdays. How cheesy, yet fantastic. Every Wednesday I'll be posting at least 3 tunes from different corners of the dance music universe, and on occasion a shameless plug (can you really blame me?).

First off, I give you a new unreleased, big room bomb from Mark Knight, Funkagenda, and Paul Thomas. As big as its name, "Arena" is a great follow up to the previous smash hit "Man With The Red Face", that I'm sure everyone remembers from Winter Music Conference in Miami this past March. If you aren't familiar with the tune, but were in Miami for heard it. Trust me. This tune Arena features huge reverb synths, crisp production, and massive drums with a "less-is-more" philosophy. If you're into tech house, electro, or house music in general, Arena is a must have, and is going to be a #1 on without a doubt. Don't believe me? Well you can eat my shorts.

Mark Knight & Funkagenda vs Paul Thomas - Arena (Dub Mix/Festivally Mix)

Next up is a personal mashup of mine. Being a pretty big fan of the Minimal genre, and having a constant itch for making mashups that I can't seem to quell, I came up with this mash of the widely known Work It by Missy Eliot, with Esmeralda by Topcats. After getting great reaction from this creation and support from a batch of people, I felt like I should share it with everyone here at Penned Madness. Works well in crowds where you need a good mainstream cross over, or some hiphop elements. Hope you enjoy!

Work It Esmeralda (Mark Starr's Some Summa This In A Mashup)

Last but not least (for now, i'll probably be posting more stuff later tonight as I've come across a good deal of new tunes) here's a funky disco/80's sound inspired remix by Fred Falke. The original track, San Francisco, was written by City Life. This soulful groovin' tune is great for starting a set, starting your night, or just bringing some funky flavor to the dance floor.

City Life - San Francisco feat. DD (Fred Falke Dub)

- Mark Starr

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