Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Epic Rave Music

Boy....I drank a lot last night.....so much that I've sworn off drinking for life(but given the fact that I've done this at least 32 times in my life, I have no guarantee as to the veracity of this oath.) I'd like to give a big shout out to fellow penner Melissa Rose, who I met for the first time whilst belligerently making an ass out of myself at backbooth.....hope you weren't too thrown off by my hugs and forehead kissy attacks! ..and to the random dudes I tried to hip-toss; sorry boutcha, but thats what happens when you mix a boy from titusville, some cheap beer, some PatrĂ³n , and some Jim Beam...

But thats not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to spread the rave gospel. Rave is good. Rave is beautiful. Rave is about glowsticks and "feelin it" and the opposite of waking up naked in your bathroom covered in vomit. Here are some tracks I dig

First up is Temperature Rising by Pka, this isn't a great rip, but it's probably the most epic early nineties rave intro EVER

PKA -Temperature Rising

And here are two mixes of an early Moby track from before he started lying to people and saying he wasn't all about drugs so he could sell his music to car companies

Moby- Next is the E

Moby- Next is the E(Club Mix)

And For good measure...here's a totally sweet Proxy mix with an extremely sexy bassline(even though it's sort of recycled from raven)

Moby- I love to move in here (Proxy Remix)

- Phllip


Manley © said...

I love you

Anonymous said...

peace. love. unity. respect!!

hahahaha grab your glow sticks kids we goin ravin!!!!


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