Monday, October 6, 2008

Hostage: Does My Bass Look Big In This?

Hostage has a new mix featuring 3 new songs from his upcoming EP on Nightshifters Label. This mix is INSANE! And it is everything the title implys...and then some.

You can also find these artists on Nightshifters:
AC Slater, Rob Threezy, Proper Villains, Rampage, label head DJ Donna Summer, as well as 4AM Jess. Quite an eclectic mix of talent I must say.

1. Hostage - Shake It
2. Hostage - Hoot
3. Hostage - Snakecharmer
4. The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward (Hostage Remix)
5. Hostage - The Slave
6. Hostage - Blackout
7. Hostage - Rooted
8. Hostage - Sorry
9. Hostage - Stab Up
10. Hostage - Roll On (Malente Re-Edit)
11. Altern-8 - Frequency (Hostage Remix)
12. Hostage - Blockhead
13. Hostage - Leathered
14. Hostage - Mash Up The Speaker
15. Acen - Trip II The Moon (Hostage Remix)

Hostage- Does My Bass Look Big In This?


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