Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kate Perry Covers Sam Sparro

Kate has done it again. This time it's a cover of Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold". I had no idea this was such a sad, dark song until I heard Kate Perry give her soulful, acoustic interpretation of it.

You can thank Sheena Beaston for posting this track.

Katy Perry - Black and Gold (Sam Sparro cover)

In other news.....The track below reminds me of a modern version of the B-52s. Its got a real classic, late 70's feel to it.

Jimmy2sox & U-Go-B -Big Fat Rio

Malente and Revolte. Need I say more?

Revolte- Flash Gordon Comes Back (Per QX Mix Malente Re-Edit)



Anonymous said...

Much obliged for the link!

Sheena Beaston

Eli Lilly said...

Reminds me of Seelenluft's "Manila"

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