Thursday, October 30, 2008


I honestly don't care who you vote for. Just do it! Be like Nike! You like their dunks? Live their motto. I just voted today and I do feel like an upright citizen - if there is even such a thing. I don't care if you vote for my main man Obama, or McCain - JUST VOTE!

Alright enough of that. Here is a new mashup I did. Enjoy it, share it, make love to it. Whatever.

Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band VS The Purple Ribbon Allstars - A 5th of Kryptonite (GlowTape!'s 5th of Sanity Mix)

- DC/GlowTape!


Anonymous said...

wicked work on this man

is disco inferno vs three 6 mafia next?

Melrose said...

Yo DC! This shit is GENIUS! This gives you 73 points on my respectormeter. Good Job!

Manley © said...

seriously, it's nothing less than awesome...

good show old chum!

DC/GlowTape! said...

HAHa thanks guys. Expect more disco crunk shit. I'm calling it crisco - or drunk...not sure yet HAHAHA

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