Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yeah! Sammy Bananas, Jokers of the Scene, Shazam, and Defunct! Yeah!

It's not every blogday I sift through my RSS feeds and find such golden tracks as these. The Sammy Bananas track is killer. Check out Jokers of the Scene's 1st track off their new EP. Shazam, the young one from Australia, is at it again with a Munk remix.

Sammy Bananas- Sammy Bananas Dub

Munk - Down In L.A. (Shazam Instrumental Remix)

Jokers of the Scene- Baggy Bottom Boys (Original Mix)

Mr. Pher - Ghettoblaster (Defunct! Remix)



Anonymous said...

Solid post guys, hearing that JOTS track makes me miss Ottawa tho.

Anonymous said...

<3 AZN Mullet!

Anonymous said...

wow, really good shazam remix!
thanks for that!

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