Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Test'm Out Tuesday VIII

Been awhile since I did one of these here "Test'm Out" posts... I really enjoy the weekly posting motif, but these past few weeks I have just been flat out forgetting.
Just plain ole absent mindedness...

I know what you are thinking, "what the shit is that?"
Well after being described as Grandpa numerous times by friends and colleagues, a little slip of the mind here or there can be forgiven I suppose...

So to make myself feel better at least, I am gonna do two Test'm Out posts today.

Lots of user submitted stuff I have mistakenly neglected and some other banging shit as well...
Hopefully though we won't get "flagged" like our boys at Palms Out... Read about that shit...
Seriously Google, WTF?


These first two are in celebration of the past week's achievements...

Bloodfire - Funky President (Yes We Can!)

This track was evidently played at many a campaign rally...

MIKE-E - Everything will be Alright Obama Remix


Some sweet tunes I stumbled upon... Thanks to their respective posters...

Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix)
(Hot Biscuits)

Kap10kurt - Mission Control (SymbolOne Remix)


Here's two remixes from one our new favorites which comprised of several of our old favorites, The sooper group Brighton Port Authority

The BPA - Seattle (Crazy P Remix)

The BPA - Seattle (Jaimie Fanatic Big Mix Dub)


Sent to us by the boys at CRUX Records...

24skorpionz feat. Chamillionaire - We Some Playerz (Bryan Cox Remix)
(Check this shit out over at Beatport)

and a Big Ole Nasty Numba right here... by Big Na$ty himself...

T-Pain and Lil' Wayne - Can't Believe It (Big Na$ty Remix)


New Trash Yourself tracks and that is exactly what the accomplish... Also, a killer AC Slater remix as well

Trash Yourself - Forget It

John Bourke - Hoes Get Down and Shake it (Rye Rye vs Surkin Edit)

Trash Yourself - Touch (AC Slater Remix)


One of Oh Snap!'s newest remixed songs, getting the heavy bassline treatment... Found this gem at Palms Out.

Oh SNap! - My Name Is Chuck (Bass Weazal Remix)

and Teen Wolf remix of this DJ Duo... they are called MSTRKRFT or something, I don't know...

MSTRKRFT - Street Justice (Teen Wolf remix)

-Manley, Himself

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