Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Test'm Out Tuesday X

It's a real surprise The Goldwaters didn't make it big in the 'right wing, chemistry nerd, banjo strumming' market. This like minded sweater gang were all the rage amongst the kids during the 60's but just as they were on the rise as top act in conservative music making, the gold waters that kept these boys afloat seemed to run dry.
Before the release of their sophomore album, "Love don't know how to go Left," The Goldwaters' namesake Barry Goldwater lost fantastically to Democratic nominee Lyndon Johnson at Pres. Fest '64... Their hit single, "Win in '64" soon after became a highly popular theme song in Humble Pie eating contests across the nation...

The Goldwaters - Win in '64

After realizing history will neither remember Mr. Goldwater or themselves, the band properly disbanded and is now immortalized for all their grandchildren to see - Thanks Internet! http://www.houseplantpicturestudio.com/HPS2/goldwaters/goldwaters.html

Now that today's lesson in "Things that Suck the Big Suck" is over, let's move on to some goodness...

The Dirty Secrets - Devils Inside (Dept Remix)

The American Dream Team - Listen 2 the Music v2

Cut Copy - So Haunted (Knightlife's Sun-Soaked Reprise Remix)

Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Teddybears Mix)

Man Like Me - Carny (Punks Jump Up Goes Bass Remix)

NONEWYORK - No Love (Optimus Grime Remix)

Dr. Dre - The Dre Days (Figure Remix)

-Manley, Himself


Anonymous said...

this mlog (music log) blog is one of my favorites

Manley © said...

Hey man, thanks for that!

Glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting me again yo!!!!

Anonymous said...

I <3 penned madness

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