Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch yourselves Rave Kings!!


WOWWWW what did my ear's just listen to!!!! seriously i thought that the zodiac cartel version of Rave is King was the end all to end all of those remixs but holy shit!!!! Le Castle Vania fuckin straight up smashed this.... Like try and keep up with this one on a dancefloor i dare you... its gonna leave you out of breath and sweating!!!!!.... For now this is my ending track, when i step off of decks this song will sound my leaving!!

rave is king remix(Le Castle Vania remix)

- E.Strange


Anonymous said...

Eeh, it's not his best. Still think the Zodiac Cartel remix trumps this one.

Anonymous said...

gave it another chance. still feel the same, haha. to each their own!

E.Strange said...

hahaha at least you gave it another chance! :)

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