Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can we just call this Shamless Wednesdays?


Haha cause I'm just gonna go ahead and drop this track I finished last night to go along with this here Shameless Wednesdays!! haha!! Its really chill and laid back, but you might just find your self dancing to it as well. I call the sounds spooky progressive house slow jams! haha and its just that! I'll post another blog up here later tonight with some extra goodies. I just wanted to get this out before I left work today!!! Let me know what you think!!

E.Strange - this is just a spooky slow jam

- E.Strange


Unknown said...

It's a racoon. This is incredible! Funny to see evolution at work like this ^^

E.Strange said...

maybe..... cause seriously WTF is that thing!

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