Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DJ Rockid

DJ Rockid of the Netherlands, where do I start... Well first off, this guy has been the Dutch DMC Champion for 5 years running, three of them spent as a World Champion finalist... If that alone is not enough to command some sort of respect, I don't know what does anymore...

He's first single, "GIRLS" came out in November this past year and since then has been picked up my various Dutch radio stations, both internet and traditional. During that time Rockid has managed to wrangle himself so killer remixes of his original tracks by blog favorites Mightyfools, Kelevra and Harris Robotis.

Check this shit out, you will not be disappointed...

Well actually maybe you will...See, all these tracks are "not for da club" quality, but you can grab pristine versions over at Rockid's Beatport Page...

Go on a help a Dutchmen Out!

DJ Rockid - Girls

DJ Rockid - Girlz (The Mighty Fools Remix)

DJ Rockid - Fire On The Dancefloor

DJ Rockid - Fire On The Dancefloor (Kelevra Remix)

DJ Rockid - Rock The House

DJ Rockid - Move & Mingle (Harris Robotis Mix)

Grab the original Move and Mingle HERE in one of DC's Last posts...

-Manley, Himself

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