Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love Bangin it out...


Well I have been quite busy this past week with workings and the sorts.

But man has there been some awesome music!!! Like holy crap!!! You should see our inbox, you kiddies sure have been busy with your remixing and song productions and this makes us here at Penned Madness very very happy!!! So please allows feel free to send us your stuff!!!

First off... i totally stole this from Mad Decent here is the link to the original post... but i just had to post this track cause if you haven't heard it.... which I assume the majority of you haven't.... this track makes me blow up harder then those rolls I ate at WMC like 3 years ago! Mustard Pimp stays in rotation in my player, on my decks when I spin, and in my head whilst I sleep. I like to think that these guys make music just for me cause if one could make a soundtrack to ones thoughts then damn Mustard Pimp have me pegged!!!! LET THE FIDGET MOVE YOU!!

Mustard Pimp - Gold!

Next up my boy Figure sent me an awesome Bearries remix he did for the song Killing Time. This track is soo good!!! I really like Figures ears a lot cause this man knows some good noises and sounds!

Bearries - Killing Time (FIGURE remix)

- E.Strange

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