Monday, January 26, 2009

Inbox Lovings

We have been receiving some fire lately through our Inbox and SoundCloud (whose post comes tomorrow by the by).
Today we got fourteen sick tracks from every caliber of artist in the game. Everybody from mixtape staples to up and comers, this was truly a good week for the Penned Madness inbox as well as for your ears.

So here, dig in!

First off, a remix of an Audion (aka Matthew Dear) track by one Mary Velo

AUDION - Noiser (Mary Velo Remix)


Another jam from our Amsterdam fav Rockid in here...

Jaimie Fanatic & DJ Rockid - Double Dutch Buzz (Jaimie Fanatic's Alfa mix)


Two retellings as I'll call them of a classic dance jam by Ernold Sane of Canadia

Ernold Sane - Crazy Ice-Cream

Ernold Sane-Ice Cream Rave Mix


I know, I know, more Lykke Li remixes... Yes, but don't dispair dear reading collective... These are good, I assure. The first track is by one of my favorite producers of this modern age, Pocketknife and the other by young upstarts Death to the Throne... Both shall please

Lykke Li - Breaking It Up (Pocketknife's Loosefoot Remix) EXTENDED VERSION

Lykke Li - Little Bit (DEATH TO THE THRONE REMIX!!!!!)


Mustard Pimp gets remixed something fierce by Mashed Paper Klub

Mustard Pimp - Rer D (MASHED PAPER KLUB feat. FLOATING "Erreur D" remix)


Here we got Mr. Gaspar himself taking on BUL!M!ATRON!... Do yourself a favor and check out Gaspar's shit under "Cold Blank," unbelievable...

BUL!M!ATRON! - Stab Attack (MR GASPAR Remix)


Nadastrom takes on Edu K's tune Raver Lovin'... niiiiice

Edu K - Raver Lovin' (Nadastrom Remix)


Here's two tracks from a young whippersnapper out of Ohio, Love Between Equals. Good job my friend, keep it up!

Love Between Equals - Young Love

Love Between Equals - Get It Fit


One of my recent favs, Mexicans with Guns remixing everyone's 'cream-their-pants" tune of '09, My Girls by Animal Collective.

Animal Collective - My Girls (Mexicans with Guns Remix)

(And no, I'm not hating on Animal Collective just because now everyone knows and loves them... I never liked those yelpy bastards myself...)


and to end this post...


NONEWYORK is back bitches, with some material for your virtual crates... Both have more or less the same bass line...and hg

Nepo - No Dance (NONEWYORK Remix)

Jane Bang - She's Hott (NONEWYORK So High Remix)


Hope you enjoyed, now go on out there and rock some faces in!

- Manley, Himself


Hawk∑ye said...

Thanks for another sack of goodies PM. Ernold Sane Popinov dance floors proper up here in Vancity.

Anonymous said...

ive seen Ernold Sane tear the skinny jeans off the dancefloor up here in vancouver!

Anonymous said...

I've seen Ernold Sane's bawdy, and it's killah!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cheers for the tracks, here is one of mine :)

The Raged - Home Experiment :

Join my group for a monthly electro/techno mix … amp;ref=ts

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