Saturday, February 28, 2009


OH I have got some goodies for you today! My man Jesse Jamz hits us with his remix of Eli Smiths 'Party All Knight' which in all its glory will probably make you lose yr panties when it drops...pure electro madness! Its definitely my favorite track of his yet!

Eli Smith - Party All Knight (Jesse Jamz Remix)

These days I havent heard to many interesting Baltimore tracks, but my bro Joe Cruse just sent me his remix of Black Sabbath 'War Pigs' and it is something else! Plus he gave me a little mash-up of DJ Mujavas - Township Funk vs. Pase Rock & The Posse - Sexy Motherfucker.

Joe Cruse - Club Pigs

DJ Mujava vs Pase Rock - Township Blend (Joe Cruse Edit)

Finally I got another track from Mike the 2600 King out of Minneapolis. This blend features Kanye West - Love Lockdown and Yaz (Yazoo) - Situation. Check it! Plus if you want a good laugh I suggest you go to youtube and search Mikes hilarious side project NEW KIDS ON THE GLOCK.

Kanye West vs Yaz - Situation Lockdown (Mike the 2600 King Blend)

- dancruse

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