Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dont step to me

Christian Bale flipped out,so my good friend Flufftronix made a remix of it!
Even sampled that old school Batman theme song.This song has been posted many other places , but this is pretty much the coolest song any of you have at 150 bpm.

Flufftronix - Bale Throwback mix

Here is a track I just finished up. "Harm" is a song for after 2 am , when things are kind of heavy and ..thick??? Long intro and outro for mixing , violent vocal samples , but still with my bassline sound Ive been working with..GET ER!

Figure - Harm(original mix)

I really don't have to tell you about this track, you can see that 'Wonk' is a part of it , so you know you have to get it. Full of bass and wobbles for days!

Frederik Mooij - Werd(Wonk Remix)

Now we got one from my good friend 'Teen Wolf'. This kid is playing out so much in L.A and the surrounding areas , and getting mad attention for his production and remix works! Here is a brand new one with a happy indy rock vibe to it!

Love You Long Time - All Night (Teen Wolf remix)

I've had this track for awhile now , 4 different people sent it to me and told matter what..DONT SHARE IT. That was 3 months ago , and just now I found 7 different links to it on goggle , so I'm posting it. ITS SO GOOD! I'm pretty sure its sampling a scene from 'Bang Bus'. Need I say more??

Blatta & Inesha - Where is it?(original mix)

Same Bat time .. Same Bat channel

- Figure


Unknown said...

Bang Bus!? WTF ROFLOL :-D

Anonymous said...

Actually. It came from a College Fuck-Fest video.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. dood knew that

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