Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sand Eaters

First off , I made this screen saver for all the PennedMadness lovers! Click the animation to download the screensaver (pc only).

I'm feeling spooky these days. All the new tracks I've been making and playing have all been sounding like Cousin It and Unkle Fester threw a rave. So I figured I'd share some of my friends tracks that are leaning on the same pole with me waiting for the Halloween bus to arrive.

First up, a newish track from my man Dskotek. With vocals from the sexiest voice ever 'A Girl and A gun,' hard synths, and stuttered everything, this track is a good one to listen to while you tighten the bolts in your neck.

Dskotek - Like a Vampire ft. A Girl and A Gun

Now we have the track that last Halloween, I got so much love for. I really only spent 30 min on this edit, but it works perfect. The Munsters theme song remix!

Figure - The Munsters Theme song B-More Halloween

Bul!m!atron is so ill to me, he gave me this a while ago to remix, I tried.
When I heard Dskoteks remix, I decided not to try. This is on some layer shit.

BUL!M!ATRON! - Stab Attack (Dskotek's Woooo!!! remix

Code from American Dream Team is on his game 247. He sent me this last Halloween, it worked very well. I haven't seen it out there that much. So Here! Big up Code


I want to post all the huge scary bangers , like Mustard Pimps - Beetle Gum , Designer Drugs - Zombies! , and Felix Cartels - Skeleton...but those are all out there already. Get them if you don't have them already!

- Figure
(I rather be watching the Munsters)


E.Strange said...

a girl and a gun rules

Anonymous said...

Bul!m!atron and dskotek = irritable bowel movements
YAWN! two dudes still trying "make it" in the already dying scene. there is nothing innovative about the scene anymore.

ending on a good note, the others tracks are quite good

FIGURE said...

One point is leaning towards the truth that you make...the scene is dying..but from a over population of kids doing it , not from kids not going to shows anymore. Dying is the wrong word , it becoming tainted , we all know this man , no new news here.
I live in Indiana/Kentucky , and believe me , you have no clue what the scene is here , so you commenting on the entire scene and its lively hood pretty childish. Our scene here is fucking huge , and will make most of you 3 years deep blog cats go home crying...we are based on talent...not connections.

If the scene ''your'' in is dying ..and you feel to spit on it ... then why give credit to the other songs as you did. Your calling the kettle black. Your a example of who is killing it off. Everyone has their own style and opinions. If I posted on every post someone I thought was shitty got , I wouldnt have time to sleep...but I don't have time for things like that...things like what you just did. Because normally a respected name has shows to work on. But I guess you have free time sir

Bul! and Dskotek are good solid names in my and many other peoples opinion. But hey!!!!!!...we all can have the grounded humble outlook of you man!

My aim is askfigure is you feel you want to get schooled a bit more hommie.

Ghostscenedjs said...

def with figure n dc on this! speak for ur own scene! :] love the halloweenish tunes but the links aint workin, any chance in a re-up?? big love to the blog!

Unknown said...

yeah baby, you murder him :-)

on a different note, the links are... dead? ;-)

Manley © said...

we exceeded our bandwidth, so yeah, some tracks are dead...

they will be up though in a day or so, sorry for the inconvenience!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mr gaspar said...

evan = dope cat in florida!

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