Monday, March 2, 2009

Kentucky Smuggling

So, this is my first posting on Penned Madness, but not my first time being posted on here. Greeting P.M readers I'm Figure. For times sake, lets get the "who am I" thing out of the way with ease, through a interview! My friend Hugo at Smile For Camera gave me a great interview the other day, so if you want to know about me check it out here or my myspace

First we have UK head Coin Operated Boys remix of one of my own tracks 'Volume Pals.' I've played this track out many of times and it always seems to work. Out of all the remixes I had sent to me for my EP remix project,this one is one of my favorites!

Figure - Volume Pals(Coin Operated Boy Remix)
Bul!m!atron is one of my good friends, He hands me anything and everything he does, it's all quality work with a dirty punk feel to it. In my opinion this remix he did for Acid Jacks is one of his best remixes hands down. Good intro for mixing and a nice build up in the middle to get right into a nonstop synth fest.

Acid Jacks - Brains(Bul!m!atron Bmore remix)
Next, Ive been bumping this track for a hot minute now, BlackFinger is on point, but this remix from UMF by HeavyFeet just makes his banger of a track even harder.
16 in and 16 out, just the way I like it.

Blackfinger-UMF(HeavyFeet remx)

I'm going to say that's the end of my first post, expect every post of mine to have some new, hard, and always at 320.



E.Strange said...

helllll yea!

Anonymous said...

I love the Volume Pals remix!!!

aria x

Unknown said...

Kudos to you FIGURE, and to Penned Madness for the connect!

Anonymous said...

welcome thx for the tracks! reading the blogg every day

DC/GlowTape! said...

Word! Big ups and welcome to the famy fam fam. First one to not live in the state of FL. About time we branched out, glad you are the first to do it! They have no idea whats coming MOUHAHAHAHA!

hook me up said...

Brrap brrap!
loving your work figure, still can't get enough of walrus!
much love from Scotland!

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah!!!

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