Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DJ Marky

DJ Marky has been my favorite Drum & Bass dj since the first time I heard the above choon at my local record store. I use to be a trance dj - but always had a soft spot for melodic drum and bass. My boy Blackie at the time was working at the store and I was sifting through his vinyl collection. He had decided to abandon D&B entirely, and move on to experimental music. So he was selling off most of his collection for cheap. This record wasn't in his collection - but was sitting right next to it in the new section. I grabbed the record slipped it out of the sleeve and proceeded to drop the needle on to the vinyl. That was it. I was hooked - and did my best to expose as many people to the sounds of Brazilian D&B as I could. For the next year almost every morning I woke up to the sounds of the Brazilian samba guitars over 178 BPM's of pure funk driven Drum and Bass. I've only seen him dj once at Ultra a couple years back - and he blew me away. I sadly lost most of my mp3's of his stuff from a crashed drive. But I still have this record to this day and every once in a while dust it off and dance.

- DC/GlowTape!

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Rekanize said...

I was a D&B DJ at that time, and I have to say that LK was such a monster... I heard Usual Suspects drop it about a year before it had a proper release, and it was one of those elusive Sasquatch's of a tune that you just COULD NOT FIND for a long while... Even if you could find a digital version of it, it was a low quality version (usually lifted out of some big name's dubplate-heavy live set).

Long before that, Landslide did a release on Hospital called "Drum & Bossa" that flew SO under the radar in my area... just before its time, I guess.

Thanks for posting this, it's a good tune to gear up for warmer days ahead.

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