Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Bob Sinclair Nightmare

I was pretty much done posting for today until I cam across this. Sigh. This new "gem" is going to be what you hear on the radio and at clubs for the next two years. Forget any hope of Grum blowing up this summer - it aint happening. Why? Because Paris Hilton's favorite DJ, Bob Sinclair, just put out his new track with awesome old schoolers, The Sugar Hill Gang. "The Lala Song" is destined to be a smash hit for everyone who hates to listen to house music outside of a night club while doing Jager shots and blowing lines in the vip while the dj train-wrecks on a vinyl Serato rig.

Now I don't want you to think that I'm supporting this. I am not in anyway telling you to support this song - I am simply warning you that exists and that all hopes of having a good summer are now lost.

Sugar Hill Gang, as much as I love Rappers Delight (and personally love the Redman cover best), they have lost their touch. There flow is whack, there rhymes are terrible. At a certain age you loose it. Not all rappers do but these guys have been working in the real world for quite sometime now and it shows. They lost their accents. Their swagger. And most annoyingly instead of trying to sound original just say "Do It" like they did in Rappers Delight.

Bob Sinclair has always been really good and takeing a good thing and killing it with a triton. This song is the perfect pop song I love to hate. It's danceable, its catchy and its utter (pardon my french) merde!

But - no matter how bad it is you don't have a choice but to listen to this more times then you ever could imagine in a given night. I expect that in one month I will go to a club and here this song at least....3 times. And Goddamnit if the dj isn't dead by the time he tries to drop it a fourth...... But I digress.

Good luck this summer - I'm hibernating.

- DC/GlowTape!


Jon Hamlin said...

Best post ever ! hahaha

rydak said...

:D truest words ever :(

simon said...

yes this is hardly a classic, but isn't playing mindless house to a mindless crowd the job of the average commercial club dj? not sure if this is especially objectionable when compared to the hundred pussycat doll, lady gaga mixes. and love or hate his tunes, bob sinclair definitely knows his audience.

Anonymous said...

This has just made my hard found collection of original sugarhill gang records... un-cool...

I think I'll have to wait a year or two before playing 'em out

malcolm powder

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