Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real G's

Every other day Dskotek sends me a new track , I've played out most all of them , they all are solid , I really don't understand why he isn't signed. Hopefully with his new ep that is being shopped around , it'll happen for him . In light of his new ep , he sent me this new mix (including some of his new original tracks) and new solid remix of EaZy E!!!! Seriously , sign him.

This is hands down one of Dskoteks best tracks , wobbles for dayyyyyysss!

Eazy E-Real Muthaphuckkin' G's (Dskotek Remix)


Here is his new spring mix..with a pretty ..whats up intro. Great song selection. The third to last of which is from one of our very own, ESTRANGE (Modified Noise)!

Dskotek Spring 2009 Mixtape

And Last but not least , a new free track from myself. I've made alot of new music , alot of it got picked up , so I can't share as much of my own stuff as normal. Here is one i kept for myself.

Figure - Virus Lounge (Original Mix)

I'll stop neglecting you soon and start posting 2 times a week.!


Hawk∑ye said...

Once again, you FCKN rule!! Thanks furr the music.

Unknown said...

So excellent...

Anonymous said...

DARYLO remix is amazing, check it out!

Hawk∑ye said...

You can scoop DARYLO's cut herrrr....http://schitzpopinov.blogspot.com/2009/03/oh-darylohhhhhdaryl_29.html

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

what's the song at 4:06? it doesnt match the tracklist...its siiick

Anonymous said...



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