Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Boston, Do you like Electro?

I bet you do. I should know, I have had the opportunity to play in your fine city before and I say you shake what your mother's gave you. Well, if you truly enjoy Electro music then you should take some time and vote for our good friends Hot Pink Delorean as "Best Electronic Group."

Let me explain... See the Boston Phoenix is holding a survey in hopes of determining the best musical acts in the Boston area. And while the other musicians in the Electronic category may be talented, none are those I would consider both friends and fans of me and my own - unlike our dear HPD. (and I know we write a lot about HPD, but seriously, some of the best in the game right now - musically and personality wise. If you ever have had the pleasure of meeting them, you would know exactly what I mean)

So take some time and place a vote for them, and shit, anyone else you might find to your liking. I personally voted for "Circus," Akrobatik, Yes Giantess and Passion Pit in their respective categories.

Just throwing that out there... be well Boston.


- Manley, Himself

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow, an american contest that doesn't exclude people outside the USA from putting in the vote. Now I really hope that HPD win that thing!

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