Thursday, June 4, 2009

RIP David Carradine

Growing up I had a few favorite shows. I loved David The Gnome. I loved the Muppet Show. I loved Godzilla. And I loved Kung Fu.

David Carradine was always the man. Whether he was lone traveling through the desert, or fighting mass clans of enemies - he always kept his composure. The references to Carradine's work in even today's pop culture is evident. Look at his work in the Kill Bill franchise.

Unlike most actors who turn old,(Chuck Norris - Joined a church, Jackie Chan - Doing dumb kid films) and no one cares about; Carradine always remained a bad ass motha-shut-yo-mouth!

And so today in the only way I know how to remember this man in PM style - here are some tracks that have everything to do with Kung Fu. I hope you enjoy.

Dr. Kucho! - Kung Fu Funk

Ctrl Z & Screwface - Kung Fu Funk

Fatboy Slim - Kung Fu Fighting

Oh and I almost forgot:

AxEr - 123 (Axwell and Eric Prydz)

- DC/GlowTape!


Anonymous said...

Carradine Kung Fu Memorial @ the Casa. There's simply no other way to represent and honor accordingly.


Chris R said...

Wow. I am very surprised by this. I didn't want him to go, but I guess he didn't want to be here anymore.

I hope his family is ok.

E.Strange said...

ok... has any one read that they found him with his genitals and neck were tied with rope...

seriously auto erotic asphyxiation?

i wanna know what others think!

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