Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beta Fest Holler

Yo, so can I tell you how fucking excited I am about this!!!!!! Beta Festival, is the brand new electronic music festival based out of Alabama opening its gates July 25th!!! Now you may be thinking - Alabama, what's in Alabama? Bitch shut it. Tons in Alabama and if for nothing else - Beta Festival IS IN ALABAMA (Read with The Rock voice). You know who else is going to be there? WE ARE!!!!!!!
That's right my beautiful (and not so beautiful) people, Penned Madness will be there repping our new compilation!!!!! More details on when that will be out for the public sometime in the next month. We have our own stage!!!!! What does this mean for you?

Well. There are two stages at Beta. One stage has all the amazing headlining acts that I will be talking about later on in this post. And the other stage will have your favorite bloggers ripping up the ones and twos all damn day long!

To top it all off the festival is being held in this bad ass location called the Sloss Furnace (click that link to check out a 360 view of the venue). It's pretty amazing. I almost wished this was a halloween type festival in this place - that shit would be b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!!!

So who's playing (this is for you people who were to lazy to click the link to their site - but not lazy enough to not finish reading this :-D).

Well we've got Texas' own Ghostland Observatory!!!

Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City

Treasure Fingers!!!!!!

Chromeo - 100% (Treasure Fingers' B-Live Pemberton Mix)

VHS OR BETA, and The Juan MacLean (not together but they are in this songgggg)

The Juan MacLean - Happy House (VHS or Beta Remix)


DSKOTEK Feat Teen Wolf - Livin In Las Vegas

And Alabama's own A Girl and A Gun!!!!

A Girl and A Gun - Teenage Blitz! (Dave Scorp Remix)


See you guys there!

- DC/GlowTape!


Matthew Ess said...

is this still going down? ticket master is nto showing it now.

Manley © said...

actually no, the event is currently postponed... Just found out this morning...

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