Monday, July 6, 2009

Duck Hunt

Yo, so it's Monday - again - and I'm checking through our never ending messages in our inbox (thank you inboxers :D) and I stumble (came across?) this. It's not crazy - but it's not simple. It's the kind of track I would play with some techy italian electro shit. Something about the old school 8bit acid rave lines that keeps me on the dance floor, and jamming out. This track was made by the dude Oh!MeGa from Cali and maybe he might be the next thing. If you click his name it'll take you to his myspace where he has this other sick track called Much More Lovin' - good times right there.

Alright heres the track and Oh!Mega - if you read this - let me get on that remix ;-)

Oh!MeGa - Duck Hunt (Original Mix)

- DC/GlowTape

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