Thursday, July 23, 2009

RQM dreams of Rollergirl

It was about this time last year when I last encountered RQM. A handful of bass-obsessed producers, notably the venerable Oliver $, gave a smooth little ditty called Ms. Pacman the grimy remix rubdown with a release on Shir Khan's Exploited label. As one of the more memorable chunks of remix from back then, it certainly lent a hand in the groundswell which has assured the abundance of heavy bass in many djs' vocabularies in 2009 thus far.

So here we are, end of summer 2009, up to our lower thighs in wobbles and dookie-bass, getting our reproductive organs blasted apart every weekend with this stuff. Fair enough, I say; it's great, energetic music to get completely effed up to, but there will be a point where it all starts to resemble dubstep so closely that no one will see a female human being within five city blocks of the club it's being played in. And as chauvinistic and unchivalrous as it sounds, it does. . . kind of frighten me, that.

Anyway, we need not worry about that here. RQM is back with another nice early evening burner as a follow up, produced by the Berlin duo Marvin Suggs. Partially inspired by the debaucheries documented by lastnightsparty, his newest single Barely Evil more than adequately nails the kind of inhibition-loosening vibe which softens up the bunkers for the overdrive after midnight. Think Tiga/Deweale Brothers with a bit of an updated, more timely groove.

Listen closely through the cowbell and the smooth, well-crafted basslines and you can follow the narrative of Rollergirl, the saucy protagonist in a cautionary tale of what you miss out on when you stay in Saturdays.

RQM - Barely Evil (Original Mix)

An OMG! Records release containing this utterly spinnable nugget along with a few remixes (Brain Matters, Bass Weazal, Filewile) will be available August 3, so you shouldn't have to hold your breath too long.

- James C

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