Monday, August 24, 2009

Barletta's Very Own Post

Barletta (AKA DJ Barletta) has been putting out a steady stream of quality remixes, edits, and original tracks for quite awhile now, and people are definitely starting to notice. Although We'd like to post every edit he's ever done, Barletta's impressive catalogue consisting of of over 70 tracks leaves us with no other option than to leave you with a choice few... for now!

First up- two of Barletta's newest remixes! The first track appears on the Disco Villians long awaited EP entitled "We Just Came To Get The Party Started" along with remixes by Dirty Disco Youth, LAZRtag, and Night Drugs. You can by the full EP on Beatport or iTunes .

The Disco Villains - We Just Came to Get the Party Started (DJ Barletta Remix)

The second of Barletta's newest mixes is an edit of Metric’s ‘Help I’m Alive.’ We'll always have a soft spot for Metric, and Barletta's edit of this track makes it one that both Barletta and Metric fans alike can, and will, appreciate.

Metric - Help I'm Alive (Barletta Edit)

'Get Drunk' is THE go-to track to get ANY party started. With Kid Cranberry's clever rhymes and and Barletta's party-heavy production you can't go wrong!

Kid Cranberry & Dj Barletta - Get Drunk

And here's a little mix that I put together consisting of Barletta's remix of PseudoNympho's track 'Blow It Up Your Nose' and the always relevant Blink-182 track 'Every Time I Look for You the Sun Goes Down.' Enjoy!

Blink 182 vs. Barletta - Every Time I Look For You the Sun Goes Down (CJ Milli Mix)

- CJ Milli


Jongles said...

what a post!

the disco villains link is down though?

cheers for sick sick sickness

Robbie Bojangles said...

DUDE. That remix of yours is sick! So putting this into a mix. I'll link you to it when it happens. Seriously amazing, mate.

CJ Milli said...

I don't know why that Disco Villians link is down! It seems to have been taken off all of the other blogs that posted it too. If you give me your e-mail I'd be happy to send it to you!

Joe said...

that disco villains is sweet, gotta play that out! if you fancy chucking a copy I'd be mighty grateful!

duirwyn at yahoo dot com

wicked blog too, found you through Hype.

nice one. said...

(working link)

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