Monday, August 24, 2009



Your looking at one of the best things coming out of ATL right now. Distal. I've been talking to this guy for acouple months now talking and trading music. Every other time I talk to him he has some new track he made to give me , and everytime I listen , I cant wait to play them. Distal is on top of the dubstep game if you ask me. These are the 3 tracks he is willing to give up for now. These are headphone musts , not for your macbook speakers !

Distal - Glenwood Corral

Distal - Zeus de trop

Distal - Gun Confetti



Owen Renn (shortstack) said...

The Zeus is Loose!!

Everybody who hasn't gotten on these tracks yet needs to hurry the hell up. ATL hasn't seen this much fire since Sherman left.

Distal Dub said...


Unknown said...

BOOOM!!! Full support from Mischief Music / Dub Anomaly Records!! Our Hometown hero is doing big things!!

Keep it goin bro!

Audijo said...

Glenwood Corral!

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