Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ragga Jungle isn't DEAD

Nothing makes me feel better then listening to some ragga jungle so here you go kids something that gets me going and makes my heart feel 110%. I usually don't post just mixes but this one is super special cause its remains to be the most played mix so far of 09 and this mix is from 08! So what does that tell you! Dj Audio1 is a motha fuckin OG seriously, most of you that read this blog will have no idea who this man is but let me tell you he is one of the reasons my ass listens to dance music! His mixes have held a special place in my heart for quite some time now since I used to ride out dirrrrty as fuck in my Lincoln Mark 7 smokin blunts and blasting this man's mixes for all to hear... The times might have changed but the feelings still remain


Freedom Ridah – Another Day (Moz Remix)
Prodigal Son – United Rape Of The Open Mind
Diamond Geezer – The C Word
Ice Machine – The Bizness
Vinyl Fatigue – Serious Bizness
R.A.W. – Dubplate Killa
M.I.A. – Paper Planes (The Artbreaker Remix)
Tester – Lightah (Remix)
Jahba – Collection Plate
Debaser – My Sound Rule
Prodigal Son – Gwaan Farmer (Short Edit)
Issac Maya – Limb By Limb (Remix)
Bombah – Chant Down Babylon
CRS – I Dont Know (BBoy 3000 Refix)
Smokah – Toppa Tings
Diamond Geezer – Last Straw
General Malice & Prodigal Son – Paying Dues
DJ K – On A Mission (Short Edit)
Diamond Geezer – Ting Ah Ling
CRS – Naybahoodz
Prodigal Son – Suck Down Breaks
Jah Condah – Babylon
Steppa Style – Bam Bam VIP (Runn It Rudebwoy)
No Face – Legacey Dub
General Malice – This Is The Year (Short Edit)
Smoke – Be My Jungle Lady
Smoke – In Love With U
Krinjah – Sound Burial
R.A.W. – Gun Shot
Dial-M (Dialekt) – Untitled
Mainframe – Pandora’s Box (Dub Mix)
Kenny Ken – Everyman (’08 Mash Up)
Abducted – Enlightenment

And then this is his Newest Ragga Jungle Mix which is just as fuckin on fire as any thing else Dj Audio1 does!! This mix contains some of the best new and unreleased tunes that the Ragga and Jungle scene has. Fuckin load this in your players and blast your troubles away! CAUSE RAGGA JUNGLE ISN'T DEAD!

Audio 1-Straight From The Chamber Vol.4

R.A.W. - Ya Dont Quit (Dub Chamber)
Marina - Whisper On The Wind (Mainframe Remix) (Celestial Conspiracy)
Bombah - Chant Down Babylon (Dub Chamber)
Baby Demo - Fussing & Fighting (Bludclot)
Criminal Sound - NWC (Dub Chamber)
Konekta - Militance (Toxemia)
Serum & Dial M - Enemy (Bashment Theories)
J. Bostron - Its A Pity (Dub Chamber)
Issac Maya - Limb By Limb (Unreleased)
Clip & Carbide - RIP (VIP) (Unreleased)
Natty Ruler - Squeeze Da Trigger (Dub Chamber)
PsychoFreud - Rudeboy Town (Unreleased)
Dubliner - Serial Killa (Bludclot)
R.A.W. - Darkness (Dub Chamber)
Anvil - Tha Real (Warlord Dubplate)
Pawn - Give Me Dub (Unreleased)
DJ K - Base 2 Dark (Dub Chamber)
Mainframe - Ready (Unreleased)
Sixfootunda - Chune Fi Clash (Dub Chamber)
DJ K - Poison (Dub Chamber)
Bombah - Di Gun Chune (Dub Chamber)
The Artbreaker - Life (The Artbreaker)
HoT - Marijuana Ovah Deh So (Dub Chamber)
MIA - Paper Planes (The Artbreaker Remix) (The Artbreaker)
Apfelsaft - Walk (Bludclot)
Benjie - Little Stereo (Remix) (Unreleased)
Hypernashion - Babylon (Bombah Remix) (Bludclot)
Exodus Soundsystem - Muadib (Bludclot)
The Specialist - Negative Stress (Drop Sound)
Prodigal Son - Give Me Chaos (Drop Sound)

I was recently phished and my email account was destroyed in the process so for now on you can send me things @ EStrangeNoise@aim.com and you can all so AIM me any time with new tunes you would like to have reviewed and listened too. my AIM stays on 24/7 with auto accept on! so send things to EStrangeNoise on AIM


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Thanks for 100% undivided support of me. It is highly appreciated. For mroe info, mixes and banter, Hit me on Twitter @djaudio1

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