Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miles Dyson Live

Miles Dyson just visited us here in Los Angeles, CA for an event called Lost City of Atlantis and from the crowds reaction in this video, it was mayhem. We have had the pleasure of seeing Miles up close and personal and I can tell you that his main dj set up includes a Novation midi controller, he use to have a 25 SL but is now using a Remote Zero SL. Has great auto mapping features when plugged into Logic, Cubase, and Ableton. He runs a MacBook Pro with Ableton and has an external hard drive on the side, I can tell you that he's a maniac live and in this video you can see why he's one of the best, always playing only the exclusive tracks. Here you can see him dropping still unreleased Major Lazer - Pon De Flor (Cold Blank Remix). This track does absolute damage on the dance floor and expect for its release in mid to late October. Big time props to Cold Blank for such a hot track, if you like the song, you can also vote for it as your favorite new Major Lazer Remix, or simply go sign up yourself and submit your own version.

Here's some Miles Dyson, I can not live without.

Pro7 - Sister (Miles Dyson's Very Short Remix)

Miles Dyson - Intro (Original)

- Dj Score


franker west said...

damm score thanx for putting these great songs you like thanx for the -pro7-sister(miles dyson's very short remix)

Dj Score said...

You're very welcome.

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