Monday, September 14, 2009

Paypur Click

Full disclosure, I grew up with Jess “Jubilee” Gentile which is prolly why the Penned guys and gals let me write this guest post. Udachi & Jubilee create the perfect team. Progressive and historically savvy. They pay homage to their roots. Jess will be the first to admit that she was a legit raver in the day and some of the melody lines will prove it. It’s fast, bass heavy and legit as fuck. I’m not the type of dude to haphazardly declare that the original track is the best but in this case, it is. Luna-C and Dre. Skull pay it forward with Smoke Rings remixes while Cardopusher provides the token dub remix of the title track. Nick Catchdubs, the separate but equal partner at Fools Gold throws down his own dark dub interpretation of Paypur that is more than playable in the right setting… That being the underground Jersey warehouse where Robitussin distributor Wyeth keeps their private stock.

Paypur (Original Mix)

Paypur EP Available Now on Beatport:

Oh and the Video, this is a must see mostly because it’s the best way to hear Smoke Rings without buying it from Beatport… Believe me, Jess knows how funny this is. You can see her cracking a smile in every shot. I think Udachi has a chubby at 1:44.

Udachi and Jubilee - Smoke Rings (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Udachi on Vimeo.

- Pauly Crush

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James C said...

Udachi's old soul is showing in this one, as usual. He's one of the few heavy bass guys out there right now who really has a distinct and unmistakable touch in his sound. I remember that 'work' sample from the Adina Howard remix last year!

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