Friday, September 11, 2009

Welcome to the Noize Lab

Cue the evacuation siren! ..... pause...... Los Angeles based duo Noize Lab are no strangers to the phrase ," Win by any means necessary." This motto has fueled them to the top of the most up and coming artists to watch out for in 2009' and 10'. Given their obscure and hidden identity, these guys won't be hard to miss, already having performed a live 3 hour set at the world famous Heist in Hollywood, CA they show no signs of slowing down. After conquering the Heist less then a month ago and the success of their release, they have gone on to sign with CitySceneManagement. Whom also represents the likes of super star Dj and Party Monster Hyphy Crunk and L.A favorites The Spys.

Dig It and Conquer.

Noize Lab - Dig It (Original)

Noize Lab - Conquer (Original)

- Dj Score


Mr Gaspar said...

i love dig it<3

OH!Mega said...

i wonder who's under thos mask....hmmm

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