Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Edits post #1

Our new friend Kamei knocked out a Halloween edit for us even though in Brazil where he lives , they have no Halloween. We all loved Beetlejuice , this is a edit of the original theme song from the cartoon! I also included my Munsters theme song edit from last year and a Remix of 666's track Devil(If you liked mustard pimps beetlegum , you love this)! Last but not least , a nice little tool in the form of Josh Winks 'Don't Laugh' vocal.

Danny Elfman - Beetlejuice Theme (Kamei Halloween Edit)

The Munsters Theme - Figure Halloween Edit

666 - Devil (Figure Remix)

Josh Wink - Dont Laugh (Acapella)

- Figure


Kamei said...

Your edit of the Munsters Theme is AWESOME^^

Bastille said...

Great shit, do you actually have a good quality version of the original mix of Devil that you could hook me up with, I've been looking for one with no luck.

FIGURE said...

Ive i can find it ill post it , but i just used the acapella

bastian said...

could you please update these links? i want them so bad

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