Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Club Love (Figure Remix)


The Cataracs were coming up when I made this remix and now they got a record deal , so it's time to leak my remix! The original is a hiphop party banger , and I turned it into more of a vocal bassline track , I think you'll enjoy its simplicity.

The Cataracs - Club Love (Figure's Rap to Rave Remix).mp3

- Figure


raiizor said...


you're simply AMAZING !!

awesome track!
keep them coming !

Tony Dangerrr said...

Damnnn Figure. This track is gold. Definitely gonna find its way into my set this weekend.

figure said...

thanks guys

Anonymous said...

are you kidding.. this is horrible.

Jose said...

jesus tits!

I love it, thank you!

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