Monday, November 9, 2009

Straight Up Tracks Son

What It Do?

"Penned Madness crew circa 1974."

Here are some good ol' tracks straight from the Penned Madness mail room.

Fake Blood vs. I-Robots - Mars Frau (Tss. Mash Up)
Awesome mashup from Belgium electro/fidget-DJ duo,
T. Driesen & T. Schillebeeckx (Tss.)

Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Keith Remix)
Grimy House remix from Italian DJ/Producer

Snake Charmer - In The House Of Alex
Funky house to funky latin house to some wobbly goodness from Snake Charmer.

The Moon Goons - Acid Party House
Cool dark track from DJ/Producers The Moon Goons from Minneapolis

- Mustache Florida

1 comment:

Manley © said...

can't believe you found that photo!

look how youthfully and bright-eyed we all were...

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