Monday, November 30, 2009

The Young Punx are Ready for the Fight...

I personally love The Young Punx... The Riva Starr remix of Juice and Gin is one of my favorites. Well, this morning we received an email with some new Young Punx promo materials and I leaped to the blog to post it up.

First up, like a digital equivalent to the introduction 7-inch, The Young Punx have put together this two-track giveaway EP. Featuring tracks from their forthcoming second album, 'Mashpop & Punkstep', this is the first new material to be released to the public. The Simple Pleasures/Like Dat EP introduces new directions, showcases new collaborators, and demonstrates how The Young Punx continue to evolve. These releases are @ 192kbps just so you know...

The Young Punx - Simple Pleasures

The Young Punx feat Count Bass D - Like Dat

Then, the first full release from The Young Punx will be 'Ready For The Fight' featuring Count Bass D (not released until February 1st 2010). To kick off the promo of this single we got Black Noise to put together this remix for the all important dance floor taste makers (That's us @ Penned Madness). This remix is only 128kbps, but it sure will get you excited about having a higher quality release.

The Young Punx - Ready For The Fight Feat Count Bass D (Black Noise Remix)

Also included in the press release was this behind the scenes/interview video of The Young Punx for "Ready For The Fight."

- Manley, Himself (Team Jaguar)


DC/GlowTape! said...

that simple pleasures just became a new favoirte of mine!!!!

Stephen said...

Manley's the manley.

Urban Fabric said...

I'm really into a lot of the stuff Black Noise has been cranking out lately. This Young Punx track is no exception.


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